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Mastering Skills

Your preschool child will thrive with our curriculum. Three year-olds and four-year olds not quite old enough for the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten classes are prepared for more structured learning of the VPK class. This is an extensive hands-on learning curriculum that includes work habits, mathematical reasoning, history and geography, language, music and art. Our goal is to prepare them for VPK.

The classes soar with energy and wonder. What used to be the Pre-K curriculum is now the three year old's stronghold. Developing the skills they will use to read and write is only the beginning of the learning to come. Each child is enveloped with the building blocks to reading and writing. They also begin to learn how to have empathy, and how to be a friend. Social skills are being defined, and everything is learned through play.

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10 things your child should learn in preschool before entering VPK:

  1. Hold a pencil
  2. Sort objects by shape and color
  3. Count up to five objects
  4. Draw simple shapes
  5. Draw a person with two to four body parts
  1. Use scissors safely
  2. Match an object in their hand or class room to a picture in a book
  3. Complete a puzzle with 4 -12 pieces
  4. Participate in cooperative play with others
  5. Dress and undress without assistance

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Brighton Day Academy

Brighton Day Academy

1705 State Road 16
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 810-1986

Elkton Academy

Elkton Academy

4490 County Road 13 South
Elkton, FL 32033
(904) 692-2860

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