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Elkton Academy - 4490 County Road 13, Elkton, FL 32033     (904) 692-2860

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  • Elkton Academy

Small Preschool, Big Academics

This little school in the country packs a terrific academic program for your preschool child. Elkton Academy is an Apple Accredited preschool with high standards. We care for infants through school-age children, with emphasis on learning through play. You'll find that our teachers are caring, creative individuals who love to teach children and help them grow emotionally as well as academically.

Meals and Transportation Provided = Convenience for You!

We care for infants through school-age children to meet your family's needs. We also provide, lunch and snacks every day, so you don't have to worry about rushing to give your child a nutritious breakfast in the mornings. We'll take care of that for you. And there's no send lunch with your preschool child; we provide a healthy lunch and snacks every day.

We will take your school-age child to South Woods Elementary school every day so that means less stops for you in the morning, too. After school, we'll be there to pick your child up, serve an after school snack, help with homework and let them run off energy on our large playground.

Meet Our Director

Erin Kochanski
Director, Elkton Academy

Erin has been working in early childhood education for more than 10 years. She has worked for Crowned Hart Preschool since 2011.

She is passionate about providing the best possible care and program for children and their families. The best part of her day is greeting the children. The mornings are the best time to capture their eagerness and to fill a child's mind. Erin is inspired knowing that Elkton Academy has the ability to meet children's educational and emotional needs.

Erin moved to beautiful Saint Augustine with her husband and daughter in 2009. She and her family enjoy spending time with their dogs and being outdoors. Their favorite activity is biking alongside the ocean.

Safe and Secure

Elkton Academy provides a safe and secure environment. Our school has secure access, so only authorized parents and staff are able to enter. Our teachers are experienced in child care and certified in First Aid and CPR. Visit us out today!

  • Apple Accredited with 100% school readiness scores for VPK students
  • Small country setting
  • Transportation to and from South Woods Elementary school provided
  • Spacious playgrounds and secure access
  • Meals and snacks provided

Some Comments from Parents

Our Location

 4490 County Road 13, Elkton, FL 32033
 (904) 692-2860

Enroll Today

Interested in finding out more about our daycare and preschool? Please call Elkton Academy at (904) 692-2860 to arrange for a tour and inquire about available space for your child. If we have room for your child, print the Enrollment Form, fill it out and bring it to Elkton Academy, along with your child's physical examination record and your child's immunization record.

Programs & Curriculum at Elkton Academy


Our children begin as young as 6 weeks of age, and are nurtured in a warm and safe environment: soothing music, soft bedding and play areas, and loving hands meeting every need. They are fed, and cleaned, and cuddled to their hearts delight. They begin their learning, too. Lots of books are read to them, and songs are sung by the scores. They begin learning about sharing, and taking turns. By the time they are one-years-old, they are ready to join the ranks of the exciting world of the toddler room.

VPK & Pre-Kindergarten

By the time our students reach our VPK/ PreK class, they are ready for the most exciting adventure they will ever know: the world of learning to read. Each child learns the letters and their sounds, slowly finding these treasures in their own worlds. With the loving hand of their teachers, the knowledge is imparted through playtime and art, and music, and dance. All the while, with the warm nurturing of their teachers, they also learn about how to be friends, and develop the morals and integrity they will carry with them as they enter the world of elementary education. By graduation day, they proudly walk down the aisle in their caps and gowns and receive not only a giant hug from their teachers, but also a diploma saying they are ready for Kindergarten.

Toddler & Preschool

The one-year-old classroom is a whirl-wind of excitement, filled with fun and new friends with whom to toddle. Perfecting the art of walking, then running is the first talent our children attain. Learning how to eat with utensils, and drink from a cup is only the beginning. They begin to discover the joy of learning through circle time, and the continued journey of books, and stories. Sharing and taking turns is only a first step of what they will learn as a friend, and there is so much to discover on their own in the playtime centers.

By the time our little ones are two, they have mastered the art of walking, and are ready to find their voice. Circle time takes on a whole new dimension: student participation. Hands on learning, and child input makes the learning experience even more excitingl. They are immersed in colors and shapes. Not only do they get better at sharing, but they begin to learn about caring. Two is terrific!

Our three-year-old class soars with energy and wonder. What used to be the Pre-K curriculum is now the three year old's stronghold. Developing the skills they will use to read and write is only the beginning of the learning to come. Each child is enveloped with the building blocks to reading and writing. They also begin to learn how to have empathy, and how to be a friend. Social skills are being defined. And everything is learned through play.

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