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Can Your Child Benefit from Preschool?

Can Your Child Benefit from Preschool?

One of the most difficult decisions a parent faces is when to send a child to preschool. While it seems better to keep your child at home or cared for by a family member as long as possible, your child will have several advantages by attending a quality school with a focus on early education. The social skills your child will learn in a preschool setting will also help them transition to school and beyond.

Are you unsure about sending your young child to preschool? has a very interesting article outlining 10 reasons why your child will benefit from attending a quality preschool like one of Crowned Hart Preschools. We list the 10 reasons here, but check out the complete article:

1. Preschool is an opportunity for growth
2. Preschool prepares children for kindergarten
3. Preschool promotes social and emotional development
4. The Preschool Environment is structured, although it may not appear that way
5. Children get to make choices
6. Children learn to take care of themselves and others
7. Preschool promotes language and cognitive skills
8. Preschool teachers nurture a child's curiosity
9. Preschool activities boost pre-math and literacy skills
10. Preschool helps develop motor skills

When you're ready to have your child benefit from a quality preschool program, please call one of our schools to set up a tour. We're sure you'll be pleased and assured that your child will love learning as much as we love teaching!
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